Is Excel still better than Google Sheets?

In this article, we will discuss whether Is Excel still better than Google Sheets? We will also talk about the difference between excel and google Sheets. So, to find out if Is Excel still better than Google Sheets? keep on reading.

Is Excel still better than Google Sheets? 

Speed comparison between Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

It is without a doubt that Microsoft Excel is more efficient and faster. Based on usage, Microsoft Excel processes data more quickly than Google Sheets. Somehow, if you have data that has more than 5000-10000 rows, you should consider Excel sheets. In any case, both Sheets and Excel slow down when they reach their maximum capacity, but Google Sheets is convenient and convenient if you need to collaborate on a spreadsheet.

Storage/capacity comparison between Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

When you’re working with data, it’s important to choose the right tool. Excel is suitable for large datasets, while Google sheets handle smaller ones. As a guideline, Microsoft Excel works best if your dataset exceeds 5 million cells. For everyday use, this is more than enough, but you may want to opt for Google Sheets if you need to quickly input and analyze a huge amount of data.

Collaboration between Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

You may need to share the sheets with your internal team and clients if you manage a marketing firm or are responsible for marketing reporting. With Google Sheets, you’re able to collaborate in real time — which makes it much easier and more flexible than Microsoft Excel.

Changes are made directly within the sheets, and you can check the history of those changes. Additionally, different levels of access can be assigned to the sheets, such as view, comment, and edit.

In Excel, you can share your sheet online with OneDrive and provide access to others. To be honest, this doesn’t seem flexible since many people use the desktop version, and for collaboration, they will receive an email.

Integrating Google Sheets with Microsoft Excel

Exporting CSV files and then importing them again, or manually copying/pasting the data, is an old-school way of importing marketing data into a spreadsheet. It is here that tools such as Supermetrics come into play. The tool automates the process of pulling data from Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

With Supermetrics and Excel, you can integrate Excel directly with Google Analytics, Google Ads, LinkedIn, etc. Additionally, you can embed content directly into Excel documents using Excel add-ins.

When using Supermetrics for Google Sheets, you can connect to other data sources and integrate with Google Sheets in the same way as you do with Excel, but Google Sheets is flexible and friendly when it comes to connecting to other data sources. Also, Google Sheets is very easy to integrate with other Google products, including Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Google Slides. Additionally, it is very easy to integrate with other platforms and tools like Zapier, CRM systems, and others.

Comparison of Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel: Formatting & Templates

It’s time to compare the formatting and templates of Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. You can use the alternating color feature to make your sheets look attractive.

There are also free templates available right in G Suite Marketplace. What’s more, you can also search for more templates using Google.

With Microsoft Excel, you have access to a wide variety of formatting options and templates.

Which One Will Be Superior In 2023?

As we all know, Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel have a lot in common. It is now time to choose the one that is suitable for your needs. If you are working with small datasets and collaborating with others, you should use Google Sheets. In contrast, if you’re dealing with large data sets and doing a lot of digging with them, you should get started with Microsoft Excel. Which one are you going to choose — Google Sheets vs Microsoft Excel?

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