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Microsoft Access 2010 Open License

Microsoft Access 2010 Open License

The Microsoft Access 2010 software is all about simplicity. Access 2010 empowers you to get the most out of your information. Through adding web databases, this allows you to amplify the power of your data, thus making it much easier to track, report, as well as share with other members of your team.

 Get Started Faster, Easier and Much More Effective Than Ever Before

With the Microsoft Access 2010 Open License, you can harness the power of a robust community in Access 2010. In addition to this – you will also be able to build upon your database templates by creating new templates with others and then sharing your designs. You can also use new prebuilt database templates that are available on the Office Online and then design them for frequently requested tasks. Alternatively, you can select them from community-submitted templates and then customize them to meet your specific needs.

This software offers A LOT! Moreover, we are just getting started.

Turn Portions Of Your Database Into Reusable Templates
This is one of the significant benefits of this program. You can save time and your effort by reusing database parts that you have already built by other users in your database.

Apply Professional Designs Across Your Access Database
You can take advantage of familiar as well as appealing Office themes and then apply them to your databases with high fidelity for both the Access client and for your Web. You have the option to choose from a variety of themes and designs from your own custom theme so that you can get great looking forms as well as reports.

Does Not Qualify For The Office Pre-Launch Offer

The Open licensing is for small to mid-sized businesses that have less than 250 desktop PCs as well as for businesses that order as few as five licenses.

Customer Review and Feedback

Access 2010: I’d Be Lost Without It
“Access is one of my important programs and would be lost without it. I was forced to 2010 after using the last license of my 2000. As far as the 2010, I find that there have been substantial advancements from 2000. However, most are not what I need, but is more in keeping with the other present Office programs. The ribbon bar takes some getting use to in order to find one’s way around. I had the foresight to order Microsoft’s “plain & simple” tutorial which proved to be a big help although basically for what I use the program for there is not much change. I am still using programs created with Access 97 with 2010. Access is a powerful program capable of many things. However, for me at 73 years and retired and using it for personal uses I’d like to see a non commercial, less expensive version similar to the Office’s Student and Home.” – P. Gandy

Not Too Dissimilar To Access 97
“I’ve worked with databases using 97, 2002 and 2003 so I needed to look at new features to move these to a current format. I like the ribbon in 2007/2010 but it did take some getting used to. I finally realized that all of the features in the old drop down options are really just visible instead of hidden. I also like that old databases can be kept in the former “.mdb” format. This helps as a temporary solution until multiple users use the newer version. There are a lot of features for sharing databases and using web features that I probably won’t need. But with how technology keeps changing, these are definitely needed. So, I do recommend Access 2010 to anyone looking to get a database for the first time or to upgrade from products no longer supported by Microsoft.” – Great Baker

Better than previous versions
“I use Access mostly for class work, but the 2010 version is so much more user friendly that I’m starting to use it regularly to help create database apps, use it for home organization, etc. In an IT/Database Management class I took (upper division college course) we had older students (50+) who were trying to move up still in their careers and even though they still weren’t comfortable with some computer elements such as open-source software, the 2010 Access was user-friendly enough that they could use it. Overall I find it very user friendly and really like the formatting.” – Amanda C. Barringer

Final Thoughts
As a small-time businesses owner myself I know how difficult it can be to track information, edit documents, communicate with teammates and handle designs for the website. This is precisely why Microsoft Access 2010 Open License is such a massive help for my business. It is much easier to work alongside my teammates. Moreover, the best thing about it is the ability to edit on the fly.

I travel A LOT and sometimes the need to be able to all work together from a different location is just a necessity, and this is precisely what Microsoft Access 2010 Open License does. Like so many other users have commented, I would be lost with this program. This truly makes editing and saving time and effort so much easier.


System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Access 2010 Open License.

  • Processor: 500 MHz or faster
  • RAM: 256 MB or more
  • Available Hard Drive Disk Space: 2 GB or more
  • Disk Drive: CD-ROM or DVD
  • Display: 1024 x 768 resolution or higher
  • Operating System: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP2, Windows Server 2008 SP1, Windows 7 or later.

**Microsoft Access 2010 only runs on PCs.

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    Very Easy to use, and they Provide best Service.

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    Product works very well and exceeds expectation.

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    Hello, Yes. Activation is possible from any country in the world.

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    The product was delivered as stated. It works fine. Very good service.

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