Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Pro Plus E3 for Mac Yearly Subscription

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  • Subscription based
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  • Works on PC only
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Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Pro Plus E3 for Mac Yearly Subscription

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Pro Plus E3 for Mac Yearly Subscription

Microsoft Office 365 offers your organization the latest versions of the Microsoft Office applications your business uses daily, as well as online access to the core programs in Microsoft Office. Designed to meet the ever-changing needs that companies face, Microsoft Office 365 supports your business goals and success.

Your yearly subscription to Microsoft  Office 365 Enterprise Pro Plus E3 for the Mac offers an affordable way to ensure cross-platform compatibility, improved methods for communication, strengthened security to protect your information and better connection to the digital world.



Overview of Windows Small Business Server 2008 Standard Features

  • • The Windows Server 2008 technologies provide a strong foundation for your Small Business Server. It’s flexible, easy to operate, and allows you to take your business to the next level without going over your budget.
  • • Message and collaborate within your organization seamlessly with the help of Microsoft Exchange Server technologies.
  • • Stay secure with Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server to keep your e-mailing and collaborating ventures private and protected at all times.
  • • Integrate with Office Live Small Business and take your business online.
  • • Usage and performance reporting are readily available.
  • • Keep yourself updated with real-time status alerts about security issues, needed updates, backups, and other system alerts.

Collaboration and Productivity

One of the most exciting features of Small Business Server is the inclusion of Microsoft Exchange Server, which makes its return in 2008 once again. Through Exchange, you’re able to enjoy enterprise-quality abilities such as calendaring with your workers, sharing contacts, and e-mailing. This feature comes with built-in, pre-configured Office Outlook Web Access to ensure you can access your mailbox on the server remotely, even on the go or from your home.

Business needing large amounts of space for storing e-mail data can take advantage of the expanded storage. You’re now able to store mail on more than one mail store, as the size restrictions have been completely removed. This opens up new opportunities, as the only thing holding you and your business back is storage and capacity limits, as opposed to artificial limits.

E-mail Protection

After getting started with your e-mails, you need to find a good way to protect your communication, whether you’re talking between the company or outside it. Take advantage of Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server, which helps keep yourself safe from e-mails infected with viruses, worms, spam, and other types of harmful malware. Forefront incorporates technologies from multiple antivirus engines and provides layered protection against e-mail based threats.

Secure User Data

Staying secure is a constant battle against viruses, malware, and other harmful technologies that all businesses face on a daily. Especially for small businesses, the struggle of dealing with threats can become especially hard. To help you deal with this, you’re able to utilize features such as Group Policy to restrict local folders, malware protection tools, Certificate Authority, and much more.

Server Backups

Backing up your server is extremely important to ensure minimal data loss even during the most unexpected scenarios. Thanks to the changes of backups in Windows Server 2008, the native backup tools now use imaging technology instead of relying on tape. This makes faster recovery possible if you need to restore your server, though, third-party backup solutions can still be used even if you require backing up to tape.

Take Business Online

Small Business Server 2008’s integration with the Office Live Small Business services gives you the ability to expand your business on the web. Take things online and manage your business on the internet by creating a professional web presence without exceeding your budget. No need for expensive IT staff to create and manage complex infrastructures – just host the Office Live Small Business service on your Small Business Server and you’re good to go.


System requirements

  • • Intel processor only
  • • A version of Mac OS X 10.5. or later
  • • At least1 GB RAM or more
  • • Available hard disk space of 2.5 GB
  • • HFS+ hard disk format or Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus
  • • Resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels or higher
  • • DVD drive or a connection to a local network area
  • • Safari 5 or a later web browser (recommended)


Additional items or services required to access some features:


  • • Windows Live ID is required for some online functionalities.
  • • Internet access is required for accessing certain features (fees may apply).

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