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Purchase Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student

You can purchase Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student from this blog post. Key features, information about the product, and system requirements are some topics we will cover in this article. Check out this article on the topic- Purchase Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student to learn more.

Purchase Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student


Make your studies more productive with Microsoft Office 2019. Access all the classic applications and essential services you need to succeed in your field of study and achieve your goals with Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student. By taking advantage of the exclusive deal and license offered to scholars, you will be able to gain access to high-end tools at a low cost.

Microsoft Office Home Student offers all of the classic Office applications, including Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Your schoolwork and personal activities will be more convenient with the tools included.

For students, teams, or families that work together, Office 2019 is ideal. With Office apps installed on a Windows 10 computer, you can collaborate easier than ever. In this version of the suite, you will find all of the tools you need to create documents and presentations for your assignments and projects.

It features many updates that will enhance your experience with Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student. Get your tasks done quickly and professionally in a distraction-free environment. By eliminating unnecessary elements on the screen, the modern and sleek design lets you concentrate on your work.

Make your purchase today and lock it in for life by shopping with today. By shopping with Soft4os, you’ll get the best deal on Microsoft’s productivity suite.


Designed for individuals who need the essentials of what Office 2019 has to offer, the Home & Student edition lets you access classic Office applications for the first time and offers features far superior to anything previously offered by Office without a subscription.

The 2019 version of Word

With intelligent technology, you don’t have to worry about spelling errors, grammar mistakes, or formatting errors.

  • Share, edit, and create documents with your classmates, teachers, and colleagues.
  • Easily collaborate on projects.
  • With improved Word features, you can format your document and edit photos.

Version 2019 of Excel

There are several interesting details available to Excel users, but nothing drastic is needed. Funnel charts can be helpful for presenting data at various stages during a process. In a funnel diagram, you can see how many sales prospects are at each stage of the sales process, including the highest-level prospects in the first stage, In the second stage, qualified prospects are below them.

  • Using PowerPivot, you can model your data professionally.
  • Utilize predictive technologies to build databases efficiently.
  • Utilize new and improved formulas and chats to analyze data more effectively.

A PowerPoint presentation for 2019

A major feature of PowerPoint 2019 is Morph and Zoom. Morph is an animation transition tool that is very straightforward to use. This solution addresses longstanding and frustrating PowerPoint problems: While the Animation section has plenty of potential, it can be hard to use. In addition to showing motion in transitions and slides, Morph allows you to duplicate slides and modify them by shrinking or expanding elements.

  • Make stunning and professional presentations for assignments or personal projects.
  • Organize slides within the presentation using new zoom capabilities.
  • You can insert and customize images, videos, icons, 3D models, and SVG elements.


  • Disk space on hard drive: 4.0 GB
  • Screen resolution: 1280 x 768
  • 2 GB of RAM (32 bits); 4 GB of RAM (64 bits)
  • 2 cores, 1.6 GHz (GHz) or faster processor

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