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10 Hidden Microsoft Office 365 Features You Never knew Existed

10 Hidden Microsoft Office 365 Features You Never Knew Existed. Microsoft Office 365 is an important suite of productivity tools used by millions worldwide. 

While utmost users are familiar with common features like Word processing, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint donations, there are multitudinous retired gems staying to be discovered. In this composition, we will uncover 10 Hidden Microsoft Office 365 Features You Never Knew Existed. So, keep on reading to know the unknow.

10 Hidden Microsoft Office 365 Features You Never Knew Existed

1. Dictation in Microsoft Word

Did you know that Microsoft Word offers erected-in speech-to-textbook functionality? The Dictation point allows you to speak naturally, and it’ll transcribe your words into a textbook. To pierce this point, go to the” Home” tab, click on the” Dictate” button, and start speaking. It’s an excellent tool for those who prefer speaking over typing or need a hands-free approach to document creation.

2. Quick Analysis in Excel

Excel’s Quick Analysis tool simplifies data analysis by incontinently generating maps, graphs, and pivot tables grounded on your named data. After pressing your data, a small icon will appear in the nethermost right corner. Clicking on it’ll reveal a menu with colorful data visualization options, helping you make sense of your data snappily and efficiently.

3. Presenter Coach in PowerPoint

For druggies looking to ameliorate their donation chops, Presenter Coach in PowerPoint is a game-changer. This retired gem evaluates your donation delivery, furnishing feedback on pacing, use of padding words, and inclusivity. To pierce Presenter Coach, go to” Slide Show”>” Rehearse with Coach,” and rehearse your donation. It’s like having a virtual public speaking tutor.

4. Experimenter in Microsoft Word

Exploration is an inconceivable tool for pens and experimenters. It allows you to search for information on the web and fit duly formatted citations and references directly into your Word documents. Access it by going to the” References” tab and clicking on” Experimenter.” This point streamlines the exploration process and ensures the delicacy of your sources.

5. Concentrated Inbox in Outlook

Still, a concentrated Inbox can help, If your Outlook inbox frequently feels inviting. It intelligently sorts your emails into” concentrated” and” Other” tabs, grounded on their significance and your once geste. This way, you can prioritize essential emails and reduce distractions, perfecting your dispatch operation effectiveness.

6. Tell Me What You Want to Do

This is a retired gem across the entire Office 365 suite. The” Tell Me” point acts as a virtual adjunct, helping you find commands and features snappily. Just class what you want to do in the hunt bar located on the strip, and Office 365 will suggest applicable commands and conduct, saving you time searching through menus.

7. OneNote Ink to Text

For users who love taking handwritten notes, OneNote’s Essay to Text point is a game-changer. It converts your handwritten notes into an editable textbook, making it easier to organize and search your notes. Simply write using a stylus or your cutlet, elect the” Essay to Text” option, and watch your handwriting transfigure into a digital textbook.

8. In Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Collaboration is made easier with the@Mentions feature in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. By using the”@” symbol followed by a coworker’s name, you can tag them in a comment or modification, notifying them about the specific section that requires their attention. This fosters flawless collaboration and enhances cooperation.

9. Translator in PowerPoint

Still, the Translator point in PowerPoint can be inestimable, If your donations feed into a transnational cult. It translates your slides and spoken content into colorful languages, making your donation accessible to a broader followership. To use this point, go to the” Slide Show” tab and click on” Restate Slides.”

10. Version History in Office Online

Office Online allows you to unite documents in real-time, and the Version History point ensures that you can review and restore former performances of your work. Go to” train”>” Version History” to see a list of one variations and choose to open, save, or restore any of them.


Microsoft Office 365 is a treasure trove of features designed to enhance your productivity and creativity. By exploring these ten hidden gems, you can streamline your workflow, ameliorate your donations, unite seamlessly, and make the utmost of what Office 365 has to offer. Whether you are a pupil, professional, or just an avaricious stoner, employing these features will unleash a world of possibilities and take your productivity to new heights. So, go ahead and dive into these hidden Office 365 features – you will not be disappointed!

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