Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise (Yearly)

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Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise (Yearly)

Sometimes, all that stands in the way of improved productivity is giving people the tools they need when they need them. For those who need Microsoft Office, increasing access beyond a desktop computer at work can make it possible to finish projects faster, connect more clients, and do more business overall. To achieve that goal, all you need is an annual subscription to Office 365 Enterprise Pro Plus. With Pro Plus, every employee can have Office programs available far beyond the limits of a single computer from 9 to 5.
If you are interested in purchasing Office 365 Enterprise Pro Plus for your business, go to SoftwareKeep to get the best price on your new subscription. If, on the other hand, you want to learn more about Office 365 Enterprise Pro Plus and whether it is the right choice for you, read more below.

What Is Office 365?

Most people are aware of how traditional Office suites work: you purchase a single copy either on DVD or through download, you install it on one device, and it stays there forever. While this has the advantage of permanence, it is also very limiting. If you have multiple devices, you need multiple copies of Office, and there are only a few versions to choose from.
Office 365 solves these and many other problems. For a small annual fee, you can install Office on multiple devices and choose from far more options so that you always get the suite that is right for you. Each suite has more programs than traditional versions of Office and also comes with 1 TB of cloud space through OneDrive. Finally, Office 365 subscriptions allow you to upgrade to the latest version of Office as soon as it is released for free.

Is Office 365 Enterprise Pro Plus Right for You?

For those whose chief business concern is providing their whole company with access to the right programs not just at work but whenever they need them, Pro Plus is a power tool. It can give every employee word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, business email, and so much more on all their personal and professional devices. With 1 TB of OneDrive space available for each user, that means all work can be done absolutely anywhere.

Other Enterprise Options

If you are looking for more, or just something different, Microsoft has a large number of Office 365 options to accommodate your needs. In particular, the other Enterprise options can provide assistance for different business situations. Enterprise E1, for instance, takes the emphasis away from the traditional Office programs and instead provides a large number of powerful communication tools that make it easier to discuss business and collaborate in every way imaginable, from email to messaging to video conferencing to file sharing.
Enterprise E3 and E5 provide all the benefits of Pro Plus and E1, while also including upgrades in security and business analysis for more powerful solutions.

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  • Gain access to popular Office applications. Office 365 Enterprise Pro Plus customers can enjoy the full features of many industry-standard Office software. Here’s what’s included:
    • Word — Create professional documents with the leading word processor application on the market. Word gives you the ability to put together documents ranging from business reports to newsletters with ease.
    • Excel — The industry-standard spreadsheeting application used by millions of businesses. Implement formulas, equations, and charting into your documents to create powerful data.
    • PowerPoint — Let your creativity run free while making visually engaging, interactive presentations in a timely manner. Use pre-made transitions, animations, templates, image & text editing, as well as digital inking to further enhance your projects.
    • Outlook — Reliable management for your emails, contacts, calendar, notes, and other personal information. Sync and manage multiple accounts with ease.
  • Take advantage of business-focused services. Work with important business services that give your organization the chance to grow at a successful rate. Make it easier than ever to share projects and work together with team members through Office 365.
    • Microsoft OneDrive — Store, transfer, and access your files in the cloud by taking advantage of OneDrive’s large storage. When purchasing a yearly Office 365 Enterprise Pro Plus subscription, you get 1 TB worth of space to handle files from anywhere in the world.
    • Microsoft Teams — Communicate and work together with teams in multiple Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Host online meetings with audio and video calls, send direct messages and stay engaged in each project your team takes on.
  • Integrated experience. Seamlessly use Office 365 Enterprise Pro Plus apps in conjunction with each other for an experience impossible with other suites. Import data from one application to the other and create better documents with less work and time required.
  • Professional tools and features. All Office 365 Enterprise Pro Plus applications share the same clean, comprehensible interface millions of users recognize and fell in love with. Tools such as the “Tell me” bar, Accessibility Checker, and an integrated translator show up in multiple Office apps, making users comfortable from the first launch.
  • Large library of digital assets. Office 365 Enterprise Pro Plus applications come with built-in libraries of assets, available for free. This includes hundreds of templates, SVG icons, charts, diagrams, and even full-fledged 3D models.
  • Monthly updates are free of additional charges. All of your Office 365 Enterprise Pro Plus applications are automatically updated free of any additional charges as soon as an update is available. Get immediate access to the newest features, bug fixes, and enhance your work without exceeding your budget.
  • Professional storytelling through Sway. Create and share interactive and engaging reports, presentations, newsletters, or training documents. Sway makes it easy to share and broadcast these materials right from your browser, mobile device, or tablet.
  • Work across multiple platforms and devices. Office 365 Enterprise Pro Plus allows each user to work on multiple devices with support for various platforms such as iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. Sync your settings, projects, and files to work on the go or utilize multiple workspaces.


System requirements

  • • Intel processor only
  • • A version of Mac OS X 10.5. or later
  • • At least1 GB RAM or more
  • • Available hard disk space of 2.5 GB
  • • HFS+ hard disk format or Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus
  • • Resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels or higher
  • • DVD drive or a connection to a local network area
  • • Safari 5 or a later web browser (recommended)

Additional items or services required to access some features:

  • • Windows Live ID is required for some online functionalities.
  • • Internet access is required for accessing certain features (fees may apply).

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